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Virtual Switchboard Benefits

If you run a customer focused business the benefits of a virtual switchboard will certainly be of interest. The end result will be an increase of revenue and higher profits.


Key benefits are separated into those which help increase revenue and those which increase profitability.



Benefits which help increase revenue


  • You close more business from potential prospects who otherwise hang up
  • You can be connected to clients on the move or abroad
  • Your customer satisfaction increases therefore reducing churn.
  • You receive more referrals from satisfied customers
  • Voice messages can be routed to a user defined email address enabling a speedy response to close business.



Benefits which help increase profitability


  • Your virtual switchboard works 24/7 and is never sick nor takes a vacation
  • You don't have to purchase or maintain a key system or PBX for the same functionality
  • Staff can be released from the mundane task of routing calls to others and be deployed more productively elsewhere.



Unified messaging


We believe it's important for your customers to receive a timely response to any messages they leave. We therefore offer unified messaging with all our products.


Unified messaging offers:


  • Network voice mail - say "good bye" to your  answering machine
  • Voice mail routed to email  - receive voice messages as email attachments
  • SMS message alerts - receive voice mail message alerts on your mobile phone
  • Fax to email - receive incoming faxes as email attachments


These benefits apply to small office users through to medium size and corporate companies.



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