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Outsourcing all or part of your call centre

Virtual call centres lend themselves to outsourcing on two levels. Firstly, inbound calls can be routed to an outsourced group on an overflow basis. Secondly, all inbound calls can be routed to an outsourced function consisting of one or more companies.


Overflow routing with a virtual call centre


The concept is simple - route calls your staff don't/can't answer due to volume to another party. As research has shown potential clients hang up and go elsewhere when their calls are not answered this option makes perfect sense to increase sales.





Calls can be re-routed to the overflow site based on the criteria you specific such as:-

  • when all other operators are busy
  • after callers have been waiting for a specified amount of time
  • at a certain time of day
  • < your requirements?>


New Prospect Business Solutions has teamed up with best-in-class partners to offer you a complete package including on shore and off shore outsourced agents. We function as a one stop shop for all your call centre needs.



Complete outsourcing with a virtual call centre


Rather than overflow calls only, you can outsource answering of all inbound calls effectively outsourcing the call centre function. Outsourced agents can also link into your computer systems and/or perform other back off processes.



As we have strategic alliances with best-in-class on shore and off shore call answering partners we ensure you receive a high quality service.

Our partners offer agents in the UK, India and South Africa.




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