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Virtual Call Centre benefits for home workers

Attrition amoung call centre staff is one of the highest in industry. The knock on effect is high staff training costs, pressurised supervisors and a damaged company image due to lack of professionalism.


Virtual call centres can help by providing an effective means for staff to work at home. Home working results in:-


  • flexible & more appealing employment options encompassing a wider candidate base.
  • lower pressurised employees leading to lower attrition.
  • greater facilitation for part-time workers



Monitoring home worker participation


Our virtual call centres can be configured to monitor teleworker participation in different ways. For example, we can provide stats on a per agent basis or agents can be configured to login to the call centre.


The later option means agents only receive calls when logged in. Both login and logout times can be recorded for each agent enabling production of accurate timesheets.



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