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Here we'll openly inform you of some of the hidden charges operators levy to boast their profits. We also let you know what to look out for when choosing your next provider.


Call connection charges


A fee levied as soon as a dialled number  is answered. Total cost of your call is call connection charge plus the charge for length of the call. Although flat rate (also termed "all in one") packages don't normally charge connection fees for calls to land line phones they do for calls to mobile phones and 08XX numbers.


For example, Telewest charge a 12p* connection fee for calls to 0870 numbers and 7.91p peak. Therefore a 1 min call will cost


7.91 x 1 + 12 = 20p.


* correct at time of publishing this web page.


Minimum call fee


Subtly different to call connection charges. Here operators charge a minimum fee regardless of the length of your call.


When your call costs more than the minimum fee this charge has no effect. However, when your call costs less this fee is similar to the call connection charge.


Per second or per minute billing


Some operators bill per minute while other bill per second. With per minute billing you will be billed for the whole minute even if you only use a couple of seconds of the last minute


Per minute billing used to be the most common form but now many offer per second billing.


Rounding up or down


With an even greater level of scrutiny you can check how you charges are rounded up or down to the nearest penny or half penny. If rounding up is used by your operator you could be losing fractions of a penny for each of you calls which all add up to a more significant percentage.


International Phone calls


Traditionally one of the most lucrative areas for traditional operators but now extremely competitive. By switching suppliers you can reduce your bill by up to 90%. If you make regular international calls revising your supplier makes perfect sense.


Length of Contract


Switching suppliers is relatively low risk but you need to make sure you understand you can switch if not happy with the service.


We offer a service without the hidden charges from traditional operators and a minimum contract of 30 days. We'll examine your current bills and provide you with a plain and simple tariff that saves you £££ every day, week, month and year.



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