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Benefits of 0870, 0845, 0871, 0800 Numbers

Large and small business alike are using 08XX numbers to capitalise on the many benefits and opportunities.


Key benefits are:-

  • national recognition of your business
  • options to switch to another land line number in case of disaster
  • virtual call centres
  • calls routed to mobile phones
  • advanced call handling including Hunt Group routing and Auto Attendant
  • no installation or maintenance of onsite equipment (e.g. key systems, PBXs, etc)
  • unified messaging (including voice messages & faxes sent to email)
  • Flexible network routing means you can stay in touch and increase availability



More focused marketing campaigns


As 08XX numbers are charged at different rates they have been shown to attract different quality leads.


For example free phone numbers (0800/0808) provide the highest call volume but proportionally lower quality leads. They are more suited towards business to consumer scenarios.


0871 numbers provide highest quality leads. 0845 and 0870 numbers are somewhere in between with 0870 numbers being the most common.*


Our 0870 number guide contains details on 0870, 0845, 0871, 0800 numbers



Tracking your marketing campaigns


Having carefully planned and organised your maketing campaign 08XX numbers provide the easiest and most efficient way of tracking response.


New Prospect Business Solutions offer stats options which enable you to determine the effectives of your campaign. Use a diferent number for each campaign even though each number leads to the same call answering or sales staff.



Unified messaging


We believe it's important for your customers to receive a timely response to any messages they leave. We therefore offer unified messaging with all our products.


Unified messaging offers:


  • Network voice mail - say "good bye" to your  answering machine
  • Voice mail routed to email  - receive voice messages as email attachements
  • SMS message alerts - receive voice mail message alerts on your mobile phone
  • Fax to email - receive incoming faxes as email attachments



Advanced Call Handling


Calls to 08XX numbers are first intercepted by us. This enables advanced call management at the network level. See 08XX number guide or customised call handling for more details.


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* views based on the experience of New Prospect Business Solutions


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